TRB has several latest generation CNC machineries.
To compete in global market we installed different machineries types; two spindles lathes with motorized tools allowing to complete whole product manufacturing procedures in one machinery, shortcutting order management timing; “Working islands”, groups of machineries in a closed area to apply up to 7 different workings continuously, without touch product before it is finished; working centres; multi-pallet machineries.

Whole “working islands” and lathes are loaded by robots, integrated or external articulated industrial robots, granting loading to cover 24H even without manned shift.
We even have 8 CNC traditional machineries with employee, used for small batch production, to be able to answer market needs.

We are specialized in hydraulic cylinder components made in steel, cast iron and stainless steel.
We can manufacture diameter between 40mm and 200mm when about lathes, up to 1000×1000 when it’s about working centres.
There’s metrology room in headquarter, production batches are checked and validated following checking procedures previously set.

Quality & Packaging

Quality control through advanced and certified tools

Quality controls are one of TRB’s milestones, thanks to a large range of cutting-edge tools and certificates, we can monitor all production stages ensuring high quality control resulting in 99.97% of compliant products rate.

Standard packaging

Experience gained over the years allowed us to reach high packaging standards, always having maximal care to integrity of the pieces produced even for long journeys. Our packaging method guarantees an easy part recognizing while opening shipment and consequently ease storage process.



Warehouse for customers quick deliveries

Warehouse to guarantee urgent delivery in case of need.


Raw material storage

Our large storage space allows to store raw material, reducing production times


Pre-cut raw material to reduce production tim

Raw material pre-cutting allows simple storage and to further reduce production times, giving us the possibility to guarantee fast and rapid deliveries to customers.

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